Performative Object When the milk is drained and the Earth is dry, what's mine will be yours and what's yours will be mine. When water joins the sky and the lands are one I will be you and you will be me.

DATE 2012    DURATION 1 hour

The copper tray is filled to the brim with milk, making the the elevated world map invisible. The map of the world is projected onto the white surface of the  milk through a laptop on which the participants are asked to "mark their land." Each pixel on the map is coded with a different color, changing the color of the milk as each individual marks the location of “ their land.” The bronze vessel is the cast negative of a breast. During the performance it is filled with the milk from the tray through a spigot underneath. Each time the performer drinks a cup, the next is offered to the participants. As the milk is drained, the elevated copper world map in the tray is revealed.