Performative Object We are history

DATE March 2014    DURATION 1 hour     SIZE 30 x 19 x 15 inches

December 2012 was marked as the end of the Earth by some of the interpreters of the Mayan calendar. Though the end did not arrive as portrayed in end-of-the-Earth scenarios, a slow collapse of ecological and human systems is undeniable. In the middle of all this we are trying, harder than ever, to survive, to understand. We look with awe at our history, at the great civilizations that have defined power. We gather around tables to make deals and sign contracts. We reuse the stones and the papers the empires have left behind and rebuild on our borrowed land. With the belief that we will make it ours, we play history again. We follow our ancestors’ footsteps, trip on the same stones and slip on the same ice. When we reach the peak, we gaze at the endless, shimmering horizon. Forgetting to look right in front of us, we fall back into the pages of history once and again.