Performance Untitled 2

DATE 2011    DURATION 30 minutes

Three pedestals are placed in the room. On one is a computer with a camera connected to it. The second holds the epilogue of Abdelkebir Khatibi's Love in Two Languages, and on the third is a container of sugar, a spoon, a pitcher of warm water and a glass of hot tea with a small plate covering it. Each participant is invited to read a sentence from the text outloud and is welcome to take control of the camera. The footage from the camera is projected live in another room across the hall. With each sentence read, the performer pours a spoonful of sugar on the plate covering the glass, then translates the sentence into Turkish while pouring warm water over her skirt made of teabags. When the translation of the whole text is completed, she pours the sugar on the plate into the tea and drinks it.