Performance Untitled 1

DATE 2011
DURATION 30 minutes 

MATERIALS Hospital gown, cast bronze, milk 
The video in the background begins with milk being poured into an empty glass. When the glass starts overflowing, water is poured into it. The water forces the milk out and fills the glass. The water filled glass looks empty against the black background.
A bowl of milk is placed in the middle of the room in which a number of bronze nipples are placed. Surrounding it are smaller glass bowls. The performer lies in front of the video projection in the fetal position, wearing a hospital gown.
When the video begins, she starts crawling towards the bowl of milk. She forces her head into the bowl and starts bobbing for the bronze nipples. She is not allowed to take her head out of the bowl without a nipple in her mouth.

When all the nipples are removed from the milk bowl, she places one in each of the small cups and pours milk into them. She ends the performance by serving the cups to the audience.