Digital Project Manifestations of the Unground

DATE September 2022     ENTER SITE
The digital project provides an assemblage of found and recorded materials, focusing on the ways in which the deep subsurface manifests itself on the surface in the Buyuk Menderes Graben, the Gediz Graben an the Denizli Graben in the Aegean region of Turkey. The project's narrative challenges the concept of nature as defined by sustainability through which these grabens have been determined as geothermal energy fields. Today, the consequent environmental pollution irreparably alters the lives and orientations of life and non-life inhabitants in these regions. In response, the project foregrounds the qualitative multiplicy of the differentiations the deep subsurface triggers on the surface and begins to attune to the different worlds that have emerged from this indeterminate relationality.
The digital project adopts banded travertine form (a rock formation commonly found in geothermally active areas) as an organizational tool and an interface to layer and contrast the different events that shape these grabens, as the fixed and dominating lines of the geothermal energy field slowly dissolve into an array of possibilities and potentials.