Performance A Handful of Rights

DATE March 2018    LOCATION Pera Museum, Istanbul    DURATION 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 1 month   

A handful of;

Seeds, roots, origin, entrance, mouth, speech, tongue, swallow, in, out, wall, rule, right.

Hidden light
Heat, a secret
the end
the fall
of earth.

The dig begins:
The lines of a page never interrupt each other out of respect.
Digging interferes with the tale of time. 

Shovels break ground:
Place: The other side
Air is there, here is ground
Earth, a grave; earth, a field

Writing freezes the tale, dead is the unread text.
Seeds get buried.

Ground floor:
Look, there, a horse
Observe, separate, define

Now, a cube
Now, green
Now, light

A journey springs out from below-ground

A line, a rule, a wall
Kids rule countries while playing hopscotch

First Story:
Wheat is civilization, they say,
and gluten is bad for health.

Second Story:
Chicago based modern era architect, Bertrand Goldberg, utilizes curves that imitate nature instead of the man-made right angles of the cube. Inspired by the ecosystem, he uses metaphors from nature to describe his residential projects that employ concepts of ‘’a city within a city’’.


If a right is sold at eighty cents per kilo and buy one get one free is a marketing method
Then how many loafs of bread does it take to feed a household?

Story 3, 4, 5:
Take a look at your neighborhood from above
(Gentrification descends from the attic)

Describe the walls you see


The interactive performance A Handful of Rights explores the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on its sixtieth anniversary by calculating it’s weight. The interactive performance and installation took place at the permanent exhibitions gallery of Pera Museum exhibiting Ottoman Era oil paintings of European ambassadors’ encounters in the Ottoman Empire and was inspired by the museum’s Anatolian Weights and Measures Collection.


The weight of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was revealed to be 766.133 kilograms.